The segment of firearms and their supplies, in Brazil, is rigidly regulated, making the acquisition of equipment and supplies for shooters bureaucratic and time-consuming. There are various laws and regulations of competent organizations that must be followed, otherwise the company cannot market these products.Therefore, few companies venture into this segment, and it is rare for them to pass the 1st year of activity.

During the previous government (2018-2022), Brazil noticed some advances in its legal system regarding the segment, which made the process of acquiring firearms, recharging presses and supplies less bureaucratic. However, with the entry of the current president (2023), the sector has encountered some barriers to be faced, despite this the expectation is optimistic, given the favorability of most of the politicians who make up the Brazilian legislative chamber.

Since 2016, Recarga Club has been operating in the segment with extensive legal know-how, which is why it is, today, the leading Brazilian company in the segment.